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We are backed by Dragonfly Capital, Y-Combinator, and a handful of absolute powerhouses in the web3, startup, and VC communities.

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A trusted source of industry analysis and protocol updates, Messari is a staunch advocate for decentralized finance in the United States, and a valuable resource for people looking to learn more about the thousands of cryptocurrencies actively traded in the market. Messari provides Creative Commons licensing for their qualitative content, which Hedgehog proudly syndicates for various projects.


Parsec Finance is a professional trading platform for decentralized finance, that pulls together real-time pricing, balance, and yield information from multiple platforms and networks. Hedgehog uses their APIs to find more creatively allocated funds in liquidity pools, yield farms, and other staking contracts.


Aspect Advisers provides compliance consulting and regulatory assistance to Hedgehog. With multiple US regulators in the cryptocurrency industry, it's important that Hedgehog has an experienced team of compliance professionals on call to ensure the safe, transparent, and accurate treatment of client funds, and Aspect Advisers has all the knowledge necessary to exceed regulators' expectations and requirements.


A valued partner of Hedgehog, Hopscotch connects Hedgehog clients to liquidity on multiple exchanges so clients can take advantage of the best prices anywhere, without the hassle of opening accounts all around the world. Their unique inventory management algorithms help you get access to trading opportunities that you won't find anywhere else.


An early data provider in the cryptocurrency industry, Santiment offers comprehensive blockchain analysis for several chains and hundreds of tokens. Hedgehog relies on their real-time data engine to provide information about underlying usage data for multiple tokens.

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We provide three tools of interest for RIAs. First, we offer the ability to track and manage each of your client’s discretionary accounts at a very granular level. Second, we offer performance reporting at the individual account and aggregate levels. Third, we have our robo advisory product which finds and executes trades at the best possible price for each of your clients.

Family Offices

Managing the portfolios of high networth individuals doesn’t have to be complicated. Similar to our RIA suite of crypto tools, Hedgehog offers comprehensive tools tailored to family offices.

Data Providers

Hedgehog currently partners with a number of Data Providers to give the highest quality experience to our users. If you are a part of a data provider organization in the FinTech space, we would love to connect with you. We offer multiple tools for investors to participate and learn about different sectors within the cryptocurrency industry and build tools from multiple data sources. If you would like to explore how we could help each other please reach out.

CeFi & DeFi

The cryptocurrency space is a vast and exciting community. Help us build the best network of FinTech organizations while serving those around us. We would like to invite high quality organizations in the CeFi, DeFi, NFT, or other cryptocurrency sectors to reach out. We endeavor to provide an ethical and high quality experience to investors and love meeting organizations building their technology with the same vision.

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The above material and content should not be considered to be a recommendation to invest in any Stack or individual digital asset. Investing in digital assets or cryptocurrency (collectively “digital assets”) is highly speculative and volatile, and digital assets are only suitable for investors who are willing to bear the risk of loss and experience sharp drawdowns.

The articles and client support materials available are educational only and not investment or tax advice.

Past performance does not guarantee future results and the likelihood of investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature. Any past performance in the above material of digital assets do not represent the performance of any Hedgehog’s customer and does not reflect the deduction of any Hedgehog fees or fees charged by exchanges used to process transactions.

Investments in digital assets and cryptocurrency are Not FDIC Insured, Not SIPC Insured, Not Bank or Government Guaranteed, and May Lose Value. Before investing consider your investment objective, risk tolerance, fees and expenses. There is no guarantee that the client portfolio or the selected portion of the portfolio will mirror the index or that the performance will be identical. There is risk of portfolio drift and a difference of performance between the Stack and Index based on many factors including market movements, availability of digital assets, size of the client portfolio, among others.

Before investing, consider your investment objectives and Hedgehog’s fees and expenses

Hedgehog Advisers is an investment adviser registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Registration as an investment adviser does not imply a particular level of skill or training. Hedgehog Advisers exclusively provides investment advisory services related to investing in digital assets.

Hedgehog Advisers is not a broker-dealer, exchange, custodian, or wallet provider, and is not intended for frequent trading activity.

The articles and client support materials available are educational only and not investment or tax advice.

Who Provides What Service?
Investment Advice and Content: Advisory services for digital assets are provided by Hedgehog Advisers LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser.
Software APIs and Third-Party Data: The underlying technologies that power the Hedgehog website are provided by Hedgehog Technologies Inc

Investing involves risk and there is the potential of losing money when you invest in securities and digital assets. Past performance does not guarantee future results and the likelihood of investment outcomes are hypothetical in nature. Any past performance in the above material of digital assets do not represent the performance of a Hedgehog Advisers account and does not reflect the deduction of the Hedgehog Advisers advisory fee.

Before investing, consider your investment objectives and Hedgehog Advisers' fees and expenses. Hedgehog Advisers' internet-based advisory services are designed to assist clients in achieving discrete financial goals. They are not intended to provide comprehensive tax advice or financial planning with respect to every aspect of a client's financial situation and do not incorporate specific investments that clients hold elsewhere. For more details, see Hedgehog Advisers’ Form CRS and Form ADV and other disclosures.