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    Thanks to inquisitive users like yourself, we've been able to compile a helpful list of the most common questions. Please feel free to contact us if your question remains unanswered!

    We currently do not charge fees for our product because we are awaiting the licensing necessary to earn money from finance-related activities. Our long term plan is to make money by charging for investment advice and to charge exchanges for routing our best-price trades through their systems.

    We understand hesitating to trust anyone with your API keys, because honestly that's just good sense! We are eager to prove our credibility and integrity, and so grateful that Hedgehog's earliest users have given us the opportunity. We're backed by Y Combinator and Dragonfly Capital. Hedgehog's team came from Acorns, Amex, the Zcash Foundation, Credit Suisse, and SAP. Here's our latest funding announcement. In terms of data security, all of your information is encrypted using the 256-AES standard, which is the first and only publicly accessible cipher approved by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) for top-secret information. You can also create read-access only API keys for the purpose of tracking and indexing on our site.

    Hedgehog is a platform that lets investors sync their cryptocurrency wallets and exchange accounts to visualize their portfolios in aggregate. We're also developing technology that will allow users to trade at the best possible price. Don't worry, the second we implement this tech, we'll hit up our entire user base. You won't miss out.

    No, and we never will. Hard stop.

    We currently support over 170 exchanges. You can find the list here. We’re constantly adding new exchanges. If you don’t see your exchange on this list, shoot us an email at support@hedgehog.app and we’ll prioritize adding it.

    Well, you don’t! If you only want to use Hedgehog’s software tools to manage your own portfolio, you can use Hedgehog without KYC. If you want to use our advice or best-price products, though, we’ll have to get your information. Essentially, it boils down to government regulations, something that we obviously have no control over. Hedgehog's secret sauce is in allowing users to take advantage of best-price trading. The way this works from a technical point of view is to let Hedgehog open an account with a custodian for you, so that we can perform these trades on your behalf. In order to create a custodial account, going through the KYC process is required.

    We do not do any individual user-level tracking, and we are even planning on converting to a new data format that will allow us to homomorphically encrypt your balance information, which means we can add up user balances to view an aggregate number, but we can't tell which users contributed what amount to the aggregate. In order to provide trade forwarding to your custodial exchange, we must send the necessary transaction request data back to your exchange, which is why the privacy policy says we share transactions with third parties. That being said, we do not sell transaction or balance data to anyone, for marketing purposes or otherwise, nor do we tag this data with Personally Identifying Information.

    We do not have a mobile app yet, but we are working very hard to have a limited feature version in the app store very soon, and we're actually looking for beta testers. Interested in earning some DOGE for testing our new apps? Sign up here!

    Make your way over to our Learn section on the site to get up to speed on the industry. If things are still confusing, make your way into our Discord community. There are loads of Crypto newbies in there trying to get ahead of the web 3.0 movement. Let's all learn together!

    Simply send an email to support@hedgehog.app asking for your account to be deleted and one of our devs will take care of that immediately.